“Shiatsu is a word I had been familiar with for years but had no real idea what it involved. To be introduced to it by Liz was a gift. I had a specific problem: following a bad cold I had been left with deafness and a permanent ringing in one ear which was then exacerbated when the other ear started ringing as well. Conventional medicine made no difference at all so it was in desperation that I went to see Liz. Her manner immediately put me at my ease. She really does care and makes you feel as though you are the most important client she has ever seen. As for the treatment – it is relaxing and leaves you feeling as though all is well with the world. Amazingly, during the treatment, the buzzing stopped momentarily when Liz applied pressure near one of my ears. Even more amazing was that within five days of the treatment I was cured! I would urge anyone who is struggling in any way (physically or emotionally) to visit Liz. In my experience Shiatsu is a truly remarkable treatment that reaches places conventional medicine does not.”
Mrs NB, Surrey

“I have been seeing Liz for some months as part of my stress resilience strategy and always really enjoy the treatment.  The environment is relaxing and comfortable and Liz’s approach is professional, kind and highly effective.  When I have missed a session I have definitely noticed it.  I would highly recommend that people use Shiatsu on a regular basis as part of a self-care program.  We all need to invest in ourselves so we can get more out of life and this is a sound investment.”
Tricia Woolfrey, Hypnotherapist, Coach and Wellness Practitioner

“I was delighted to have found Liz recently, and would recommend her highly. As a burnt-out Londoner, and Mum, I knew the feelings of extreme stress with little time to manage it! Once I had my first Shiatsu treatment I didn’t look back – it can have a profound effect on your well-being. Having moved to Surrey I made contact with Liz. In addition to being exceptionally well-versed and skilled in the understanding and practise of Shiatsu, Liz is also an incredibly welcoming, professional and personable therapist.”
Lisa Guthrie of Garden May

“I had a session with Liz where she created a very safe place in which she worked. I was able to completely relax and allow her to work on my body and having never experienced Shiatsu before I left feeling lighter, more flexible and having let go of some emotional tension. Liz is a professional and nurturing therapist.”
Nikki Leader ITEC, medium, soul plan reader, reiki healer and workshop teacher

“After my Shiatsu treatments with Liz I feel really grounded, light, relaxed and refreshed – like a weight has been lifted from my mind and body. Liz has such a lovely soothing, calming way about her. Her treatments are really effective and any niggles and aches that I arrived with are long gone by the time the session has finished. And the effects last as I always feel so calm and balanced for days afterwards.
Liz has such passion for Shiatsu that shines through when she talks about the treatments and in how skillfully she carries them out. I always learn something at each session too!”
Julia McPherson, Reflexologist at Harmony Treatments