Online Tai Chi Qigong Oct-Dec

Photos of free class for World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, 27th April 2019

9 Week Tai Chi Qigong – Energy Online!
7th October-2nd December (& videos available for a week after each class).
9 weeks for £99. Join today via Meetup or email to register. You can pay by BACS or Paypal.


From 7th October until 2nd December you can learn Tai Chi Qigong from the comfort of home, bringing energy and relaxation to your body, your mind, and the space you’re in. Tai Chi Qigong is a great way to stay strong, flexible and relaxed, and to improve your balance and coordination. This graceful moving meditation and martial art combined is a great way to generate energy to feel grounded and full of vitality.

Over 9 weeks you’ll learn The Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong and Yang Family Style, 13 Movement, 5 Element Tai Chi Qigong, along with beneficial warm-up, self-massage, breathing and relaxation practices.

Not sure about learning online? Have a free one-to-one intro session (15-20 minutes) for a guided tour of Zoom and some relaxing movements for body, breath and mind. Then see how you feel! Contact me today to arrange a date and time.

In the first 7 ‘Foundations for Flow’ classes we’ll put the form together stage by stage, focussing on a short sequence before placing it in the context of the whole form. The focus of these classes is understanding the movements, feeling their power, and enjoying the practice.

Then you’ll be ready for the 2 ‘Flow While It’s Fresh’ classes, focussing on the form as a whole (with time for fine-tuning individual movements). These are classes to build your confidence, pleasure and mastery. I’ll help you to step out of those “what comes next?” moments of hesitation and into a more relaxed and trusting connection with your body within the harmony of our Tai Chi form.

You don’t need a dojo or studio. If you stand with your arms stretched out and turn around in a circle, that’s all the space you need. Anything else is pure luxury. Tai Chi Qigong creates a feeling of space no matter what space you’re in. Have water to hand, wear comfy clothes and go barefoot or wear flat non-slip shoes.

  • Join in live on Wednesdays 1.30pm-3pm, 7th October-2nd December, OR follow the video at the perfect time for you. Join in live for Q&A clarity!
  • Video and audio recordings available for all students for one week after the live class so you can learn with ease, practice with pleasure, and finesse your movements, while letting go of stress as you energy flows.
  • You’ll learn two beautiful and beneficial forms in one class. The Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong and the Yang Family Style, 13 Movement, 5 Element Tai Chi Qigong are great companions for life.
  • Feel more energised, grounded, flexible and strong. Enjoy combined relaxation and focus, breathe fully, and get your natural energy flowing.
  • Classes include warm-up, chi self-massage, observation and technique adjustments, and Q&A.
  • All abilities welcome – returning and new students, including beginners.
  • I’m a teacher registered with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, and also qualified to teach the Taoist meditation that forms part of the Tai Chi Qigong tradition. See the Events list for seated meditation sessions.
  • 9 weeks for £99. Join in live (recommended for observation and personal guidance), follow the videos, or do a bit of both! Videos available for all students for 1 week after the live class.

Teacher’s tip: Our Tai Chi form travels in a circle, stepping out to the 4 cardinal directions (N, E, S, W) and to the 45 degree ‘corners’ in between. If the room you practice in has a traditional 4 walls, 4 corners shape then you can use these as landmarks. Start facing a flat wall!
You can also mark a simple compass on the floor using a strip of tape (eg masking tape that won’t mark your floor). A simple cross is enough, and you’ll be standing in the centre with one of the strips of tape in front, behind, and either side of you.












ONLINE CLASSES 2020. Let’s gather in the virtual realm for some feel-good practices to stay energised, relaxed and resilient. You can join via the Meetup group or email 

Earlier in the summer…
Morning of Monday 29th June – 10.30am-11.30am. The Makka-Ho Stretches.
Evening of Monday 29th June – 7.30pm-8.30pm. The Makka-Ho Stretches.

About the Makka-Ho Stretches

Join me to learn a a series of stretches to improve flexibility, calm the mind, and get your energy flowing! There are six movements, so they’re easy to learn and integrate into other exercise practices.

The Makka-Ho Stretches are designed to promote the flow of natural energy or chi through the body’s meridians. They’re also great for the circulation and lymphatic systems, for the digestion, and for connecting to our bodies kindly and helpfully.

When I was learning Shiatsu we did these stretches before every lesson and I’ve found them a valuable practice for over a decade. We’re not just moving the body, but allowing ourselves to move with our breath. I notice my mind becoming more calm and rested in these stretches. They are a gentle way to feel more energised and let go of tension. See how they feel for you!

We’ll start with a standing stretch and the rest are done on the floor. Please wear comfortable clothes and have a mat or non-stick rug beneath you, to ensure you remain comfortable. Have some water to hand too. The stretches are suitable for most people and we’ll go gently, so there’s no need to go further into a movement than feels right for your body. Please contact me if you would like to check if the stretches will suit you.

I look forward to sharing these wonderful, enjoyable stretches with you!


Earlier in June…
Mondays 1st and 8th June, 10.30am & 7.3opm: Shiatsu Self-Massage

DIY Shiatsu & Massage: A Guided Tour of You! 

You have the ability to make a real difference to your physical and emotional health right now. I reminded myself this week just how well our bodies our designed for self-treatment. I had shoulder pain and tension for a couple of days after sleeping heavily on one side. Pain needs attention, so the next night I gave myself some shoulder massage, intuitively exploring for pressure points without thinking too much about it. I woke the next morning without pain and with better mobility, as well as the mental relief of feeling that my body was in a healthier state. My training in Shiatsu and massage, plus a decade of professional experience with lots of different bodies, helps me trust my instincts and follow my hands. You can do this too and I can show you how.

You don’t need to have anything wrong to benefit from self-massage! It’s a great daily practice, helping to improve the circulation of blood to the whole body including our vital organs. It stimulates lymphatic flow which helps our body eliminate toxins. Massage also benefits the skin, and I will include gentle movements to take care of our joints and muscles. Massage also helps our bodies release the hormones that make us feel relaxed, safe and connected.

I can show you a selection of self-massage techniques and Shiatsu pressure points to help a range of aches, pains and common complaints. If there’s something in particular you’d like help with then contact me in advance so I can include advice tailored to you. You can also book a one-to-one session.

Mondays 1st and 8th June 10.30am-12.00noon £15
Mondays 1st and 8th June 7.30pm-9.00pm £15

Earlier in May…
Mondays 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th May at 11am. The Inner Smile Meditation is an uplifting and energising journey through your internal universe. An ideal morning meditation, this helps to develop a genuine sense of loving kindness and gratitude. 30 minutes, FREE.

Mondays 4th , 11th, 18th and 25th May at 8pm. The Six Healing Sounds Meditation is calming and restorative. You can think of it as emotional recycling, letting go of stress and cultivating harmony. It’s an ideal evening meditation to prepare you for a good night’s rest. 30 minutes, FREE.

Wednesdays 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th May at 2pm. Tai Chi Qigong roughly translates as “Supreme ultimate life-force cultivation”, and is an ancient martial art for keeping fit on all levels. We develop strength, flexibility and balance. We let go of stress and enter a restful state of relaxation and focus combined. Above all we generate chi, our body’s natural energy, to experience more vitality. I’m grateful to my teachers and all their teachers before them, and look forward to sharing the benefits with you. 1 hr 15 mins, £10 per session. Email for joining & payment info.

I’ll be teaching Yang Family Style, 13 Movement 5 Element Tai Chi Qigong. It doesn’t require a lot of space – it’s the ideal lockdown Tai Chi form! We begin in the primordial stillness of Wu Chi, content but ready for anything. We step out and flow through the 4 directions, harmonising yin and yang through a repeating sequence of movements, learning to change direction and flow before returning to the completion of stillness. Each session will include a warm-up and grounding Qigong (standing meditation) before the Tai Chi (moving meditation).

Here’s information about our usual classes:
Learn, practice and enjoy the benefits of meditation in motion on Wednesday afternoons at Downside near Cobham, Surrey.

You can also join the Meetup group

No experience is necessary and all abilities are welcome. Tai Chi and Qigong have many proven benefits, from improving balance and coordination to reducing stress. Come and find out what they can do for you!


Why do Tai Chi Qigong?


Improve your balance, flexibility, strength & posture.


Relax & release stress through meditation in motion.


 Energise your mind and body as you learn our form.


Travel through the 4 directions in 13 movements, harmonising yin and yang in a compact form you can enjoy anywhere.


Classes include a warm-up and chi self-massage, with Qigong and Master Lim of Penang’s Push-Hands for grounding.


Book your place today on 07944 872332.




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