Meridian Massage

This indulgent treatment combines fragrant oil massage with Shiatsu pressure points and meridians, making it both effective and nurturing. The flowing strokes of the oil massage soothe away tension and mental restlessness, while gentle movements, stretches and pressure persuade aches and pains to recede. The deep connection with the meridians and points adds an extra dimension to your relaxation, encouraging your body to restore your natural balance.

The treatment is given on a massage couch, with towels to keep you warm and comfortable. I use only the finest quality organic massage oil from Neal’s Yard Remedies, and I can add a few drops of their essential oil blends or organic lavender oil for extra aroma-therapeutic benefit.⃰

I trained in Meridian Massage in 2013 with Carola Beresford-Cooke, who has been at the forefront of massage and Shiatsu teaching for many years. It was wonderful to learn from her and to experience the massage for myself with fellow students. Meridian Massage is a versatile treatment integrating my Shiatsu training with the fluidity and sensory benefits of working with oils on the skin.

The massage includes treatment around the neck, head and face, which feels wonderful, but a shower to remove any traces of oil will be needed before any dress-to-impress meetings.

Essential Oil Blends

*For pregnant clients or people with very sensitive skin I can use the NYR Organic massage base oil without adding any essential oils.

For information about the oil blends or to try them yourself at home please browse my NYR Organic website (links below) or give me a call.

The blends include




Women’s Balance

and unblended organic Lavender