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You can call Liz on 07944 872332 for a free consultation, to make an appointment or to discuss any questions you have about treatments, classes and workshops.

Tai Chi Qigong classes run throughout the year. We do break for holidays so to check dates call 07944 872332. Saturday Qigong workshops are available, along with private classes, either one-to-one or for groups.

About Liz

Practitioner Qualifications
In 2010 Liz completed more than three years’ training with the Zen School of Shiatsu in London, with the Diploma in Advanced Shiatsu. She is fully insured with Balens. In 2012 she qualified as a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner and in 2013 she trained in Meridian Massage with Carola Beresford-Cooke. In 2016 she qualified in Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage with Rosalie Samet of the Hawaiian Huna Massage UK Training Centre.

Tai Chi Qigong & Taoist Trainer Qualifications
In 2016 Liz qualified as a Tai Chi teacher and in 2017 as a Qigong teacher.

Liz first experienced Taoist meditation and practice in 2005 in preparation for her Shiatsu training with Kris North, learning the essentials of energy management and meditation on Step 1. Instantly feeling the benefit of the practices, she continued in Taoist training with Kris and with Anamarta Antunes. They received their training from Master Mantak Chia, who authorised them to teach and qualify Taoist Trainers. Liz attended and repeated Kris and Anamarta’s courses over the years while developing her career in Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang and massage. On committing to Step 5 in 2016 she felt what a great privilege it would be to share the Tao and began working towards that, deepening her own practice along the way.
In 2018 she qualified as a Jade Circle® Ambassador to teach Taoist meditation and Qigong for women. In 2019 she qualified as a Taoist Trainer in order to share the meditations and practices she has found so beneficial for the past 13 years.

Liz attends regular meditation and complementary therapy courses for professional development, and meets regularly with other Shiatsu practitioners and complementary therapists to exchange treatments and insights.


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