Treats for Therapists (and clients) from NYR Organic

NYR Organic has decided that May 2013 is going to be Therapy Month! If you are a massage, holistic health or beauty therapist please read on for an invitation and some insider information about products recommended by therapists.

Therapists – here’s your chance for a treat!

I would like to invite you to a one-to-one […]

Autumn Air

Autumn can be challenging. There is an increasing stillness in nature as winter draws near. The last of the summer fades and new growth lies dormant. Many of us feel the urge to slow down, despite our busy schedules, and to keep pace with nature. As the leaves glow and fall and the temperature drops […]

Foodskeletons – a celebration of delicious nature

Food is a great unifier. At least it ought to be. Food is something we all have in common, but our relationship with our body’s fuel is often extremely politicised and criticised. People speak of eating ‘naughty’ foods and then feeling guilty, of ‘watching what they eat’ rather than tasting it. An understanding of nutrition […]

Self-Treatment Using Shiatsu Principles

After discussing different approaches to self-treatment, Hypnotherapist, Coach and Wellness Practitioner Tricia Woolfrey asked me to write a blog post for her website. This site is a fantastic place to find informative, practical guidance on working your way through the challenges of life.

My blog is about Self-Treatment using Shiatsu Principles and you can read […]

12 Days of Relaxation this Christmas

Christmas, we are told, is a time for giving. But what are you giving to yourself? Generosity is most useful when it can be sustained, and being kind to yourself will help you be kind to others. Keeping some energy in reserve is not selfish, just sensible, enabling us to carry on without exhaustion. Replenishing […]