NYR Organic for healthy skin

Shiatsu, working with touch, benefits the whole person on a deep level. However the surface is important too, as our skin (our body's largest organ) can be helped or harmed by the products we use.

I became a NYR Organic Independent Consultant because of their high ethical standards and the efficacy of their products. They use high-quality natural ingredients and essential oils and are free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives and animal testing. I am happy to share and demonstrate the products on an individual basis as well as at parties and events.

To learn more about NYR Organic you can visit https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/surrey-shiatsu/

Treats for Therapists (and clients) from NYR Organic

NYR Organic has decided that May 2013 is going to be Therapy Month! If you are a massage, holistic health or beauty therapist please read on for an invitation and some insider information about products recommended by therapists.

Therapists – here’s your chance for a treat!

I would like to invite you to a one-to-one product testing session with a free hand massage. Just call me to arrange another time; we could also arrange a treatment swap with some added NYR Organic indulgence for you. If you’re not in Surrey we can have a chat over the phone. You can tell me about your treatments and what you look for in the products you use with clients. I’ll then be able to advise on which products might help give your business a boost and impress your clients with their results. Some ideas are below. If you’d like to buy at a discount and/or sell the products to your clients you can become a Consultant, and I’m happy to answer your questions about this and offer support.

Adding value to your treatments – NYR Organic are an award-winning, eco-friendly, ethically pioneering brand whose effective products have been trusted for over 30 years. The sight of their blue bottles inspires confidence in clients who know that you’ve chosen the best for their skin.

Offering your client their choice of Remedies to Roll to use at the end of their session is a lovely parting gesture that brings an extra boost of essential oil energy, adding to the effects of your treatment (thanks to Emma at Soul Reflexology for this inspired idea!)

For a beautifully scented treatment room (with no synthetic chemicals in the atmosphere) there is a range of reed diffusers, candles and room sprays . Refills and extra reeds are available for the diffusers, making them an affordable long-lasting option.

Pregnant clients – all the blue bottle products are suitable for pregnant women as the quantities of essential oils are carefully balanced. However if you’re at all concerned the Mother and Baby ranges are specifically created to respond to the changes in the mother’s skin, and to ensure only the very gentlest ingredients are used for the baby.

Reflexologists – I have the perfect product for you! I had great feedback about Baby Balm from a practising therapist who knew what she wanted from a reliable product. It had to be suitable for sensitive clients, improve the skin condition, have a good texture to avoid post-treatment slips, a mild fragrance, be enjoyable to work with and cost effective. She said it was better than all the other well-known Reflexology brands she’s tried! It is 100% organic and contains no essential oils so it’s suitable for even the most sensitive clients. I can recommend other options if you would like more highly fragranced products to offer as well.

Sensitive skin and eczema – it’s best to give me a call as there are lots of options! As a rule, the Starflower range is great for sensitive skin on faces while Calendula & Oat lotion is good for the body. Plain Calendula or Stellaria creams are also great, but I can give more specific advice on request.

Aromatherapy – There are ready-blended oils to make your life easier while getting great results for your clients. The essential oils range has recently been expanded, and the base oils are wonderful too. The books are also full of good advice. I have browsing copies if you’d like to see them.

I look forward to sharing some award-winning, organic, eco-friendly pampering with you.

Call Liz on 07944 872332 to request a catalogue

Autumn Air

Autumn can be challenging. There is an increasing stillness in nature as winter draws near. The last of the summer fades and new growth lies dormant. Many of us feel the urge to slow down, despite our busy schedules, and to keep pace with nature. As the leaves glow and fall and the temperature drops these changes around us can be a gentle reminder to think about what we can let go of and what we want to conserve. Are we holding on to any emotions that are no longer helping us? Is there something on our schedule that we could exchange for a calm, clear space?

In Chinese medicine and Taoist theory the season of autumn is associated with the lungs, and also with the skin and large intestine. You could try this simple Autumn Air exercise to energise your lungs. Take yourself into nature; your local woods, a park or your garden. Wrap up warm. Stand still, feeling the earth beneath you. Relax your body, smile, and notice your breathing. Notice the sensation of the breath flowing in and out through your nostrils. Follow your breath. Can you feel your ribcage move, your abdomen gently rise and fall? Feel the coolness of the air as you breathe in, and the warmth it has been given by your body as you breathe out.

Take a deep breath in, really filling your lungs. Visualise the colour white and breathe in the energy of courage and uprightness. As you breathe out, let go of any feelings of sadness and isolation. Breathe in again, filling your lungs with courage, uprightness, and the colour white, letting go of sadness and isolation on the breath out. You can spend as much time as you like on each stage or create your own way of connecting with your lungs.

Autumn at Walden Pond

Foodskeletons – a celebration of delicious nature

Food is a great unifier. At least it ought to be. Food is something we all have in common, but our relationship with our body’s fuel is often extremely politicised and criticised. People speak of eating ‘naughty’ foods and then feeling guilty, of ‘watching what they eat’ rather than tasting it. An understanding of nutrition and a healthy, varied diet is important to our health, but food is more than a science or a balancing act. It is part of our identity; a memory, a pleasure, a future discovery and a practical demonstration of love between family and friends.

To balance the politics of criticism with the pleasure of celebration there is a new blog called ‘Foodskeletons: the bare bones of the plants we eat’. The blog was founded by Dr. Vilma Bharathan, an ethnobotanist and chocolate expert at the Natural History Museum (you can see a video here ). Vilma is also a homeopath, botanical artist and photographer so she knows plants inside out.

Vilma’s understanding of the inner workings of the botanical kingdom, their nutritional benefits and healing properties, has never distracted her from the fact that THEY TASTE WONDERFUL. Her travels have shown her what and how different cultures eat. Whenever we meet we inevitably talk rapturously about food, while enjoying it.  Foodskeletons is Vilma’s way to extend this conversation.

The Foodskeletons blog is a place for people from all over the world to share what they love about our plant foods, to exchange recipes, new discoveries, old favourites and happy memories. You are invited to join this conversation. You can sign up to follow the blog and take part, connecting with our fellow humans through the food we eat, as we are meant to do.

Here it is – a true celebration of food http://foodskeletons.wordpress.com/

Self-Treatment Using Shiatsu Principles

After discussing different approaches to self-treatment, Hypnotherapist, Coach and Wellness Practitioner Tricia Woolfrey asked me to write a blog post for her website. This site is a fantastic place to find informative, practical guidance on working your way through the challenges of life.

My blog is about Self-Treatment using Shiatsu Principles and you can read it by following this link. I hope you find it useful and please feel free to phone or email me if you have any questions.

12 Days of Relaxation this Christmas

Christmas, we are told, is a time for giving. But what are you giving to yourself? Generosity is most useful when it can be sustained, and being kind to yourself will help you be kind to others. Keeping some energy in reserve is not selfish, just sensible, enabling us to carry on without exhaustion.
Replenishing our energy, peace of mind and creativity is essential all year round but during winter we naturally turn inwards. It’s a reflective time, thinking about the months that have passed, the people surrounding us and our hopes for the coming year. Here are a few simple ways to keep your home fires burning this winter. Repeat and combine as you wish, taking your time.

1. Today, sit quietly for a moment and smile. A real smile that lights up your face. Smile at your heart and at your whole self, and feel thankful for all that your body does to sustain your life without you asking it to.

2. Today, wherever you happen to be, take a deep breath and follow it with your mind. Follow it through your nostrils, feel your ribcage expand, your abdomen rise and then fall gently as the breath flows out.

3. Light a candle and place it at eye level. Allow your eyes to rest on the flame and let it fill your mind for a minute. If thoughts, emotions or sensations arise, allow your visual and mental focus to return to the flame.

4. Instead of a candle let your eyes and mind rest on something growing or green – a simple houseplant or a sprig of holly will do. See its colours and travel its contours, letting it take all your attention.

5. Interlock your fingers and stretch your arms right up above your head with your palms skyward. Move slowly, letting the body lengthen. Feel the space opening up at your waist and solar plexus.

6. Using your fingertips, tap all over your head. Move on to the back of your neck, your face, shoulders (your fists may feel nice here) and on to wherever they take themselves. This is great for waking yourself up.

7. Place both hands on your stomach. Using the flat pads of your fingers make little circular movements spiralling outwards from your navel. Pay special attention to any little knots and bumps. Let dinner go down first!

8. Today try a sound meditation. Allow all sounds to be welcome, flowing through your mind. Morning birdsong is ideal, or try a relaxing CD and really hear every note. If a door slams it’s just another sound to hear.

9. At the end of the day pay some attention to your feet. While seated take one foot on your knee and give it a rub, move your toes, rotate your ankle and press/massage the whole foot. Then treat the other foot.

10. Trouble sleeping? Lie comfortably and visualise a golden lotus in the centre of your chest. As you breathe out allow one petal to close gently. Carry on in your own time, and next morning open up the flower.

11. Take a few minutes at the computer to explore the poems of Rumi (eg here) and Hafiz (eg here) or ask me to recommend an anthology for more comfortable reading at home, on the train, on your lunch break…

12. Create something. Write down a few words to describe something you have enjoyed, or make a sketch, or while you are cooking be aware of the magic that turns separate ingredients into a nutritious meal.

Enjoy your holidays.