About Your Practitioner

In 2010 Liz completed more than three years’ training with the Zen School of Shiatsu in London, whose qualifications are accredited by Middlesex University. She has been awarded the Diploma in Advanced Shiatsu and is a member of the Zen Shiatsu Society. She is fully insured. In 2012 she qualified as a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner and in 2013 she trained in Meridian Massage with Carola Beresford-Cooke. Liz attends regular meditation and complementary therapy courses for professional development, and meets regularly with other Shiatsu practitioners and complementary therapists to exchange treatments and insights.

Liz met Kris North who runs the Zen School of Shiatsu when he was giving a free guided meditation at the Mind Body Spirit show in London in 2005. The meditation of the Inner Smile which Kris shared was enjoyable, effective and uplifting. Liz was able to attend an open evening at the school later that year, when she signed up for the short introductory course. On the first day Liz had her first experience of giving and receiving Shiatsu. This convinced her to make the necessary changes in her life to enable her to commit to Shiatsu as her future career.

Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang both come from the Taoist tradition, which also teaches effective meditations. Liz is happy to share these during your treatments along with simple meditations from the Tibetan Buddhist mindfulness tradition. Her experience of both Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang has demonstrated to her their effective relief of a wide variety of conditions and imbalances. They give a profound depth of relaxation which encourages the effects of the treatments to continue and flourish within the body and mind.

Liz enjoys the versatility of Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang and Meridian Massage which value the individual and responds to their needs of the moment. She has been attending Yoga classes for several years and finds that this integrates well with her therapies, as the stretches can help people to manage physical aches, pains and tensions and gently improve their conditions between treatments.

Liz gives treatments at established Optima Health in Cobham and St Michael’s The Sanctuary in Ewell, and can give visiting treatments by arrangement.


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