Treats for Therapists (and clients) from NYR Organic

NYR Organic has decided that May 2013 is going to be Therapy Month! If you are a massage, holistic health or beauty therapist please read on for an invitation and some insider information about products recommended by therapists.

Therapists – here’s your chance for a treat!

I would like to invite you to a one-to-one product testing session with a free hand massage. Just call me to arrange another time; we could also arrange a treatment swap with some added NYR Organic indulgence for you. If you’re not in Surrey we can have a chat over the phone. You can tell me about your treatments and what you look for in the products you use with clients. I’ll then be able to advise on which products might help give your business a boost and impress your clients with their results. Some ideas are below. If you’d like to buy at a discount and/or sell the products to your clients you can become a Consultant, and I’m happy to answer your questions about this and offer support.

Adding value to your treatments – NYR Organic are an award-winning, eco-friendly, ethically pioneering brand whose effective products have been trusted for over 30 years. The sight of their blue bottles inspires confidence in clients who know that you’ve chosen the best for their skin.

Offering your client their choice of Remedies to Roll to use at the end of their session is a lovely parting gesture that brings an extra boost of essential oil energy, adding to the effects of your treatment (thanks to Emma at Soul Reflexology for this inspired idea!)

For a beautifully scented treatment room (with no synthetic chemicals in the atmosphere) there is a range of reed diffusers, candles and room sprays . Refills and extra reeds are available for the diffusers, making them an affordable long-lasting option.

Pregnant clients – all the blue bottle products are suitable for pregnant women as the quantities of essential oils are carefully balanced. However if you’re at all concerned the Mother and Baby ranges are specifically created to respond to the changes in the mother’s skin, and to ensure only the very gentlest ingredients are used for the baby.

Reflexologists – I have the perfect product for you! I had great feedback about Baby Balm from a practising therapist who knew what she wanted from a reliable product. It had to be suitable for sensitive clients, improve the skin condition, have a good texture to avoid post-treatment slips, a mild fragrance, be enjoyable to work with and cost effective. She said it was better than all the other well-known Reflexology brands she’s tried! It is 100% organic and contains no essential oils so it’s suitable for even the most sensitive clients. I can recommend other options if you would like more highly fragranced products to offer as well.

Sensitive skin and eczema – it’s best to give me a call as there are lots of options! As a rule, the Starflower range is great for sensitive skin on faces while Calendula & Oat lotion is good for the body. Plain Calendula or Stellaria creams are also great, but I can give more specific advice on request.

Aromatherapy – There are ready-blended oils to make your life easier while getting great results for your clients. The essential oils range has recently been expanded, and the base oils are wonderful too. The books are also full of good advice. I have browsing copies if you’d like to see them.

I look forward to sharing some award-winning, organic, eco-friendly pampering with you.

Call Liz on 07944 872332 to request a catalogue

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