Foodskeletons – a celebration of delicious nature

Food is a great unifier. At least it ought to be. Food is something we all have in common, but our relationship with our body’s fuel is often extremely politicised and criticised. People speak of eating ‘naughty’ foods and then feeling guilty, of ‘watching what they eat’ rather than tasting it. An understanding of nutrition and a healthy, varied diet is important to our health, but food is more than a science or a balancing act. It is part of our identity; a memory, a pleasure, a future discovery and a practical demonstration of love between family and friends.

To balance the politics of criticism with the pleasure of celebration there is a new blog called ‘Foodskeletons: the bare bones of the plants we eat’. The blog was founded by Dr. Vilma Bharathan, an ethnobotanist and chocolate expert at the Natural History Museum (you can see a video here ). Vilma is also a homeopath, botanical artist and photographer so she knows plants inside out.

Vilma’s understanding of the inner workings of the botanical kingdom, their nutritional benefits and healing properties, has never distracted her from the fact that THEY TASTE WONDERFUL. Her travels have shown her what and how different cultures eat. Whenever we meet we inevitably talk rapturously about food, while enjoying it.  Foodskeletons is Vilma’s way to extend this conversation.

The Foodskeletons blog is a place for people from all over the world to share what they love about our plant foods, to exchange recipes, new discoveries, old favourites and happy memories. You are invited to join this conversation. You can sign up to follow the blog and take part, connecting with our fellow humans through the food we eat, as we are meant to do.

Here it is – a true celebration of food

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