A Day of Emergencies: First Aid Training with David Tagg

Independence is a wonderful thing. Working for myself keeps me motivated and full of new ideas. Treating clients keeps my mind stimulated, thinking over their symptoms and conditions and how Shiatsu can best help them.  Working alone also means that difficult situations can’t be passed on to someone else.

I always aim to send the client away feeling better than when they walked in, and this is the happy normality. However I think all complementary therapists wonder what they would do if a client became ill or had an accident at their clinic. I decided that it was important to educate myself about the best ways to respond to medical emergencies through training in first aid – just in case.

As so often happens, once I had decided on training the details took care of themselves. I was catching up with a reflexologist friend, Julia McPherson of Harmony Treatments, at The Medicine Garden in Cobham when the subject of first aid came up. Julia recommended a course she had attended with David Tagg some months before, and on 2nd November 2011 I went to Ash to do his course myself. Like Julia I left feeling impressed, well-informed and inspired.

David Tagg knows how to give a warm welcome and make people feel at ease. He also knows an immense amount about first aid. He has decades of personal experience giving emergency first aid, as well as working in the field of preventative medicine through acupuncture, acupressure and aromatherapy. David’s First Aid Course for Complementary Therapists means that everyone on the course already has a good working knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

We human beings are complicated creatures, which is why I find my Shiatsu practice so continually fascinating. Just as every treatment is different, so is every emergency. David reminded us to keep common sense uppermost in our minds when assessing any situation. He illustrated the practicalities of first aid with stories of his own experiences, and encouraged questions and discussion.

David led us through an incredible wealth of material in 7 hours. We covered everything recommended for Appointed Person/Emergency Aid and more. The day taught us the causes of medical emergencies as well as the treatment, and included responses to choking, different kinds of shock, heart attacks, allergies and broken bones. We all got to practice CPR which I hadn’t done since I was at school. How long has it been for you?

I didn’t expect that the day would be fun, considering the seriousness of the topic, but it was. Good-humoured and entertaining from first to last, David kept us riveted not just with his stories, but with the subject. I enjoyed revising topics covered during my Shiatsu training and applying the knowledge to emergency situations. In the afternoon we had a productive session about natural remedies in emergency medicine. I learned a pressure point on the ear to help with allergies, and a host of spices, remedies and oils beneficial for many conditions, both chronic and acute.

David is reducing the number of his courses in preparation for retirement, so now is the time to train with him. I would recommend all complementary therapists and health professionals, yoga teachers and anyone who has studied anatomy & physiology to learn from him and refresh their existing knowledge. My notes from the day will be accompanying me to every treatment, fair and festival, and I’ll be revising from them regularly. Hopefully I won’t ever have to use them.

You can book David’s courses through the S.E.E.D Institute

David’s website  is full of helpful information and natural health products


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